The Secrets to Building the Perfect Team for Your Business

There seems to be something innately unpleasant about team building and productivity exercises. Most of us find team dynamics difficult to navigate, and forcing a team to get along and work together can seem nearly impossible. However, the problem isn’t team building, it’s the traditional approach to team building.

Our ActionCOACH RGV business coaches are here to tell you that building a winning team to boost the performance of your business and increase cash flow isn’t impossible. 

Below, you can find six key insights you will need to grow your business through the power of effective team building. Each key is equally essential to building a powerful team.

6 Keys for Building an Exceptional Team

1. Strong Leadership

The leadership role in your group needs to be fully and transparently established in order for your team to function effectively. This means having a clear chain of command and a leader who gives clear and precise instructions.

Choose a leader who can model the behavior you want from the rest of the group, and remember that a team is only as strong as its members.

2. Shared Goals

Before you begin to formulate a plan of action, you will need to establish clear goals that are shared by everyone in the group.

Allow your team to discuss their role in completing goals while maintaining a solid vision of what your primary mission is. Each member should understand how they fit into the larger structure.

3. Rules for the Team

Without an idea of how things will proceed, it can be difficult for teams to make much progress, even if they have a clear goal in mind.

Instead, establish straightforward operating procedures that will instruct your team members on how things are to be done. These rules can be decided by the group as a whole and are meant to give clear parameters of what behaviors are expected from members.

4. Plan of Action

In many ways, a team is only as strong as the plan that it follows. If you have an otherwise winning team performing redundant, unneeded, or directionless tasks, your team won’t achieve the desired results.

Instead, develop a plan with the team that includes a clear road map for moving forward. An effective plan shows team members any expectations you have for them.

5. Fostering Innovation

In order to create a new and innovative idea, you have to take a few risks. Without risk-takers, we wouldn’t have airplanes or rockets to reach the moon. To build a truly exceptional team, you need to support your team members’ innovation by allowing them to take reasonable risks. After all, failure is a key part of the learning process, and a failed solution can sometimes reveal even more than a somewhat successful one.

While it may be tempting to punish team members who suffer major failures, it’s important to foster a team that can create learning opportunities from mistakes, rather than punishing those who committed them.

6. Achieving 100% Inclusion

A team with 20 members and only 10% participation might as well be a group of 2 when it comes to how much progress will be made. A team with members who don’t participate is a team either with a weakness or a redundancy.

To get the most out of your team, create an atmosphere that demands participation from each member. In order for your team to successfully reach a shared goal, everyone must contribute to the effort.

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Running a business is far from easy, and every business has different needs. Because of this, many business owners have the knowledge and experience to keep their business running, but not necessarily the knowledge needed to take a surviving business and make it a thriving business.

If you want to grow your business, increase revenue, and improve your cash flow, the business consultants at ActionCOACH RGV would be happy to help you formulate a plan using years’ worth of experience helping all sorts of businesses.

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