ActionCOACH RGV for Accountants

ActionCOACH has got some big news! We are honored to announce that we have been approved to offer continuing professional education to Certified Public Accountants.

About the Program

Founded in 1908, the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA) has served as an association dedicated to enhancing the effectiveness of the country’s 55 state boards of accountancy.

As a driving force within the accounting profession, NASBA accomplishes its mission by creating a forum for accounting regulators and practitioners to address issues relevant to the viability of the accounting profession. NASBA takes pride in offering its member boards a rich portfolio of products and services, all designed to effectively aid boards in their goal to protect the public.

ActionCOACH is proud to partner together with NASBA to bring cutting-edge consumer education to RGV accountants and their teams.

ActionCOACH RGV CPE programs include:

  • 6 Steps to a Better Business Seminar – Learn 6 steps essential to creating sound long term business growth as well as 5 strategic ways to increase profits 6 Steps Information​6 Steps to a Better Business Seminar Flyer​  
  • GrowthCLUB – Learn how to create a practical 90 Day PlanGrowthCLUB Information​GrowthCLUB Flyer​ 
  • SalesRICH – Learn how to sell through asking the right questions and learn how to deal with objections.SalesRICH Information​SalesRICH Flyer​ 
  • PhoneRICH – Learn how to write powerful telemarketing scripts and how to apply themPhoneRICH Information​PhoneRICH Flyer ​
  • TeamRICH – Learn how to build a high performance team as well as effective team communicationTeamRICH Information​TeamRICH Flyer​ 
  • ServiceRICH – Learn how to identify who your best customers are, what that means to your business, and how to implement the principles of great serviceServiceRICH Information​ServiceRICH Flyer​​​​
  • ActionCLUB – In seven seminar sessions, learn the practical principles behind growing a business, including: (ActionCLUB Information​, ActionCLUB Flyer​)
    -The principles of Testing & Measuring

    -How to create Vision, Mission, and Culture statements
    -How to define your Unique Selling Proposition
    -How to identify Quick Cash Flow strategies
    -The practical difference between an Investment and an Expense
    -Numerous Profit Building strategies
  • BusinessRICH – An action-packed, 2-day boot camp where you will learn how to increase the bottom line of any business through the implementation of smart Cash Flow strategies: BusinessRICH Information​Business Rich Flyer​ 
  • ActionCOACH RGV – Learn how to apply at least one business strategy tailored specifically to the growth of your business per customized, 1-hour, one-on-one Business Coaching session per week such as: ( One to One Coaching Flyer​ )
    -Lead Generation

    -Increasing Conversion Rate
    -Increasing Number of Transactions
    -Increasing Average Dollar Sale
    -Increasing Profit Margin
    -Time Management
    -Testing and Measuring
    -Business Planning
    -The principles of Leverage and Systemization
  • Time Management – Learn how to use time to your advantage by: (Time Management Information​Time Mastery Flyer  )
    Budgeting your time and achieve focus with a Default Calendar
    -Learning the Five Stages of Managing Workflow
    -Learning 10 Time Management Techniques Worth Using
    -Learning how to run your schedule, in contrast to letting your schedule run you
  • FinanceRICH - In this informative program, we dive deep to learn: ( FinanceRICH Information​FinanceRICH Flyer​ )
    The numbers business brokers look at when evaluating a business

    How to determine what activities are truly driving business results from your financial statements
    Why cash is king
    Why profit is only a theory
    How to plan your future
  • PlanningCLUB - Learn to create an efficient business plan.  PlanningCLUB Information​ PlanningCLUB Flyer​ 

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If you have any questions regarding NASBA CPE Program in the Rio Grande Valley and South Texas, please contact today.