The Power of Grateful Thinking

2020 has put a strain on all of us, and that includes small business owners. In an effort to do our part in helping local businesses recover, ActionCOACH RGV created 1 of the 10 campaigns, and now, we’re looking to do more.

Through this project, we offered support to businesses by giving away 10 complimentary business strategies to get their feet on the ground for 2021. Just as we were grateful to meet and support such wonderful people, however, we here at ActionCOACH RGV learned that the benefits of gratitude can sprout into many aspects of our lives, especially now during such uncertain times.

The Benefits of Gratitude

We’re often told that being grateful can help us live happier, healthier lives, but you might be wondering if these are just meaningless platitudes. Truth be told, the benefits of grateful thinking can actually be measured scientifically. In fact, gratitude and its positive effects have been the subject of many studies:

  • Making connections — A 2014 study found that thanking your new acquaintances could make them more likely to want to become friends. Whether you’re thanking someone for holding the door or sending a handwritten note, thank-yous might help you make new connections!
  • Reducing negativity — Gratitude researchers have shown that thankfulness can help reduce negative emotions such as frustration, envy, and regret, while increasing happiness and improving well-being.
  • Sweet sleep — A 2011 study showed that keeping a gratitude journal can improve your sleep.
  • Feeling confident — Several studies have shown a connection between gratitude and higher self-esteem, possibly because grateful people may be less likely to compare themselves to others.
  • Pain relief — A 2012 study found that grateful people may suffer fewer aches and pains and may feel healthier than their less thankful counterparts.
  • Resilient recovery — Studies have consistently shown that those who are more grateful may have an easier time overcoming trauma. For instance, veterans who reported higher levels of gratitude were also less likely to experience PTSD.

Keeping a gratitude journal can’t solve all your problems, but taking time to be thankful for the things you love in life can help you relieve stress and appreciate your own worth. While you might not immediately connect gratitude with success, science has shown that being grateful might make you better able to meet challenges as they arise.

Making Gratitude a Habit

Listing the benefits of gratitude is all well and good, but that isn’t enough. You need to be able to add gratitude into your life so that you can make thankfulness a habit. While taking the time to say “thank you” may not be the first thing on your mind while running your business, incorporating gratitude into your day can help to make it a part of your outlook on life.

If you want to add a little bit more gratitude to your routine, you can follow these tips:

  • Send handwritten thank-you notes to employees, colleagues, or suppliers.
  • Spend time considering what you have to be grateful for by meditating and centering your thoughts and feelings.
  • Note down the things you’re thankful for to memorialize your gratitude.
  • Celebrate your progress and the small victories you accomplish.
  • Actively show yourself your gratitude for the things you do and achieve.

Remember, gratitude isn’t about you; it’s about what you’re thankful for. When you’re expressing gratitude for someone, the form that “thank you” takes should be distinct to the person you’re thanking.

Look for unique and personal ways to thank people so that they truly feel their efforts have been acknowledged and appreciated. Each expression of gratitude should be genuine and true to the unique relationship you have with that person.

Being Thankful in Times of Crisis

Gratitude can be particularly hard to muster during hard times, which is unfortunate because hard times are when a little thankfulness can do the most good. You may be facing more significant challenges than ever before, but taking a moment to meditate on the resources you have and the happiness you can find can help you feel more grounded and prepared for the future. 

During a pandemic, fear and uncertainty can make us forget the good things we still have. Unfortunately, this can lead to a circle in which we become fixated on our problems and unable to see a happy future. Taking a moment to focus on gratitude can help you find relief from the stress and chaos of 2020, and that’s why we here at ActionCOACH RGV want to do more.

Our 1 of the 10 campaign was such a success that we want to help an additional 10 business owners get back on their feet with a fresh business strategy for 2021.

ActionCOACH RGV: Showing Gratitude Through Complimentary Business Strategy

At ActionCOACH RGV, we want to show our gratitude to the businesses in our area by extending the 1 of the 10 campaign to an additional 10 participants. Our business coaches have studied the industries that were most impacted this year and tailored complimentary business plans to help them get their life back on track for 2021.

This year has led to many changes in how businesses operate, and many of those changes aren’t ever going back. With the help of ActionCOACH RGV’s business coaching, your business can enter the new year set for success.

Gratitude and Celebration

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