Mastering the Art of Delegation

There is an art to delegating. Ensuring that business objectives are completed efficiently among your teammates is just one facet of running a successful business, but if you aren't doing it effectively, it could cause confusion and unneeded stress to your employees.

But when your workers know that you have enough faith in them to delegate an important task, it motivates them to get the job done and uplifts team morale. Like any artform, however, it takes practice, and the business coaches at ActionCOACH RGV know just how to build an essential leadership skill and are going to explore that now.

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1. Provide Consistent Feedback

Make sure to give your fair share of both positive and negative feedback to allow the individual you're giving responsibility to, to understand what they are doing well and where they can improve.

Quality performance is more likely to persist if it's acknowledged and has rewards. When someone does a great job, follow through and be generous with promotions, salary increases, and bonuses, as well as genuine “thank-yous.”

2. Keep Your Eye on the Prize - and Everything Else In Between

An inexperienced member of your team will require additional oversight, so keeping track of their work will both encourage them and help you to catch issues as they appear.

Employees with more experience can take on more freedom and handle their initiative, ingenuity, and imagination on their own. Once they have shown that they can handle more responsibilities effectively, you can consider them for other higher roles in your business.

3. Set Clear Expectations and What You Expect From Your Employees

Make sure employees are familiar with the responsibilities they are taking on and that they accept them. Clarify both the overall intentions of the task as well as the standards that’ll be utilized to measure results. Make sure the goals are particular, practical, relevant, and calculable.

4. Prioritize What to Delegate

Delegate recurring duties, detailed work, attendance at certain meetings, and exercises that will include your team members' future responsibilities. 

Save the rest for yourself, including:

  • Performance evaluations
  • Disciplinary acts
  • Counseling and morale predicaments
  • Confidential tasks
  • Tasks specifically given to you
  • Complicated situations
  • Sensitive scenarios

Working on priority tasks will help you see the big picture and focus more on the details.

5. Provide Guidance When Necessary

If the work extends too far from the planned regulations, take action decisively. You're not helping anyone out when you step back from your assignments. Come to an agreement on a plan to get back to the targeted goals. If the situation doesn't get better, finish the assignment and move on.

6. Give Your Team the Authority They Require to Finish the Job

Any delegated task must come with a delegation of authority, providing the power and resources to finish the job. Authority may include giving the employee the upper hand to spend money, seek support from their peers, or represent the department or company.

7. Keep the Right Attitude Towards Delegating

Leaders sometimes see planning as something that hinders getting their best work done, but planning to delegate is a wise investment in not just your team, but also your company's culture and your business.

8. Consider the Skillset of Every Team Member

When assigning a task, take each individual's skill, interest in the assignment, and current workload into account. Know their record of success on similar assignments--how they collaborate with others, when they function best, and how well they perform under pressure.

McAllen Business Owners and Beyond: Learn How to Master the Art of Delegation With ActionCOACH RGV Now

Once you master the art of delegation, you’ll be able to:

  • Achieve more in less time;
  • Acquire better results;
  • See the bigger picture.

No matter where your business is at, there’s always an opportunity for growth. Our ActionCOACH RGV business coaches can help your business grow exponentially in less time so you can have more time to yourself (along with sustainable finances and freedom).

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