The Importance of Personalizing and Humanizing Your Marketing During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Since the pandemic, businesses have had to advance their marketing efforts to stay relevant. And in order to keep up, you need both personalized and humanized marketing. 

Let’s dive a little more into what this means and discuss some ways you can personalize and humanize your marketing. 

Personalizing Your Marketing

Personalized marketing involves the usage of customer data to throw in personal elements in marketing communications. All customer data is generally surrounded by behavior and demographics and can be assessed via customer and potential interactions within your organization and its website. 

For instance, using someone’s first name in an email greeting personalizes it. But how does a business usually collect this information?

If your business collects data from the product pages your potential customers go to the most with a customer relationship management (CRM) system, you can send out personalized emails to those visiting your product pages regarding what they viewed, reminding them about their abandoned cart, or taking advantage of an exclusive deal that is about to expire. 

You can imagine, however, that just reviewing the cold, hard customer data would make personalizing customer outreach to each individual a little more difficult. How could you as a business owner personalize something that would make a customer feel valued enough to come back to your website when all you know about them is what product they chose to view or almost buy?

That’s where personalization brings us to humanization, which leads us to humanized marketing.

Humanizing Your Marketing

Humanization introduces the human element throughout every stage of the consumer’s journey in your sales funnel. It’s more personal because it requires actually becoming familiar with who your customers are individually. 

One way to achieve this with customers and prospects is by surveying them, asking them for information like their name, understanding their unique obstacles or reservations about buying your product, desires, pain points, etc.

From a marketing standpoint, it’s important to focus less on achieving your own goals and more on helping your customers achieve theirs. A customer-focused method to marketing--especially in digital marketing--is crucial if you’re looking to humanize your marketing efforts. You must show potential prospects, new customers, and returning customers that you’re putting an investment into their success and develop interpersonal relationships with them.

Benefits of Humanizing Your Brand

You want your customers and prospects to get the sense that your company is genuinely interested in their success and in getting to know them personally because it leads to several benefits. And each and every one of these benefits interconnect:

  • Enhanced customer experience
  • Customer loyalty
  • Customer satisfaction and retention

There are various strategies you can try and use to humanize your brand. Try some of these best practices to make your brand more human:

  • Familiarize yourself with your customers
  • Develop and ask for customer feedback
  • Offer opportunities for employees to advocate your brand 
  • Use social media as a tool to to bring engagement with your audience

Final Thoughts on Personalization and Humanization

Personalization and humanization both provide the foundation when it comes to marketing success in the modern digital world. Both bring value to companies and organizations but for separate reasons.

Personalization boosts relevancy of your messaging, which improves behavior rates (the chance of consumers opening, clicking, sharing, purchasing).

Humanization is great for boosting kinship, which amplifies trust (affecting behavior rates, advocacy, and retention).

Now that you have learned how powerful humanizing your brand through marketing can be, it’s time to put some of these best practices into action.

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