Make 2022 a Year of Abundance & Get Rid of That Scarcity Mindset

Your mindset affects all aspects of your life, and as an entrepreneur, the right attitude is essential for you to run a successful business. Neuroscientific research has shown that having a growth mindset makes individuals more prone to view challenges as opportunities for improvement and are better prepared to learn.

As we move into 2022, now is the perfect opportunity to begin developing a mindset of abundance and opportunity, and to move away from a mentality of scarcity. A scarcity mindset refers to a sense that there is only so much opportunity (and success) available, which can lead to short-term thinking that can stop you from achieving your goals. On the other hand, an abundance mindset is the complete opposite; from this perspective, there’s plenty available to all.

Thankfully, if you’re interested in cultivating a mindset of abundance, all it requires is for you to develop some new habits! Let your business coaches at ActionCOACH RGV provide you with some insights on how to go about thinking in abundance.

Improving Your Business Plan: From Scarcity to Abundance

So, how do we shift from a scarcity mindset to one of abundance? Consider the following. 

1. Make the Decision

Like any other challenge, the first step is usually the hardest. But it can be done! Developing an abundance mindset starts with deciding that you want to make the change. 

You also need to give yourself the opportunity to be critical of your former mindset and recognize where it was failing you and your business. While you should accept that challenges will arise, reassure yourself that when they do, you will have the ability to handle them because of the abundance of resources, connections, and tools you have at your disposal. 

2. Focus on the Abundance You Have 

If you're focusing on your competitors and are afraid you won’t be able to capture clients, then you’re thinking from a scarcity perspective. This type of mentality only sees obstacles instead of opportunities. 

Instead, focus on all the positives and abundance you currently have. Do you have a great network? Then you’re already ahead of the game. Is your team talented, focused, and committed? Then you have the right people in your corner. Give yourself the chance to think about all the good that you’ve accomplished throughout the year and allow yourself to thrive in that abundance mentality. 

3. Surround Yourself With Others Who Have an Abundance Mindset

The attitudes of your business associates can begin to rub off on you. That’s why you want to make sure that you’re spending time and connecting with individuals who are positive and see opportunities all around them. 

Who is in your peer group? What is their attitude like, and how is it affecting you? If you’re not surrounded by abundance thinkers, then go out and search for those you aspire to be like. 

4. Create Strong Habits & Don’t Stray 

While a positive and healthy mindset is essential for success, you also have to put in the work. You’ll want to create a number of large and smaller goals for the year, and then begin to employ the strong habits that will help you reach them. 

It’s also important to keep in mind that you will face obstacles that might knock you off the path, but that’s okay. Remember to stay positive, focused, and working towards your goals, even when you have a few setbacks. And don’t allow a failure to lead you astray. 

5. Incorporate Gratitude 

Gratitude should always be a part of your business plan. Practicing gratitude is one of the most widely accepted ways to improve your overall well-being. Research has consistently shown that gratitude can have a tremendous impact on your mental, emotional, and physical health, which, in turn, can help you to run a successful business. 

Being grateful also impacts your team, and can inspire positive behaviors among your team.

If you want to practice gratitude, create a gratitude journal where you spend a couple of minutes each day to write down five things you are grateful for.     

Move From Scarcity to Abundance With a Solid Business Plan

Move from scarcity to abundance in 2022 with a solid business plan!

With the right mindset and business plan, the possibilities are endless. When you choose to work with ActionCOACH RGV, we can help you develop the systems and business plan you need to run a successful business that gives you the time, money, freedom, or business loans you need.  

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