How Systems Can Improve Your Cash Flow

As an entrepreneur, you understand that there are plenty of moving parts when it comes to running a business. From having to maintain invoicing to building a strong online presence, these daily tasks can become overwhelming without the right strategies in place.

In this day and age, it’s not uncommon for business owners to utilize systems to optimize their workflow, increase their sales, and grow their business

Here at ActionCOACH RGV, we know systems like the back of our hands. If you’re struggling to get your business running smoothly, our experienced and certified business coaches can help you establish a winning system from start to finish.

One of the best ways to optimize your workflow is automation. By taking advantage of business process automation, small businesses can implement systems to improve their cash flow. 

Let’s take a closer look at a few different ways you can automate your operations to generate success. 

3 Business Systems That Can Increase Cash Flow

Automated systems make your life easier by optimizing mundane or repetitive daily tasks. It can free up time for you to focus on expanding your business and for your employees to generate sales.

There are various aspects of a business that can benefit from automation, but for now, let’s review 3 parts of your business that you can systemize to increase cash flow: 

1. Social Media 

Social media can have a huge impact on the success of your business. 

With more than 220 million Americans using social networks to share content, network, and consume media, a social strategy should be considered mandatory for any business that wants to thrive.

Depending on the number of social profiles you manage, you can spend a significant amount of time each week producing and sharing content. With that said, a great approach to systemizing your social strategy is to set aside time at the end of each month to create and schedule your content in advance. 

Using social media platforms such as Hootsuite or Edgar can help you automate your social media scheduling so you’re not spending time hopping from app to app each day. By automating your system with these useful tools, you can schedule up to 30 posts in advance across various platforms for free! 

With a flow of content scheduled in advance, you can maintain a social presence to help you gain customers and increase sales! On top of that, you free yourself up to systemize other aspects of your business, which brings us to our next point – invoicing.

2. Invoicing

If you’re a small business owner with 5 to 10 employees, there’s a slim chance that you have a full-on procurement and accounting department to handle the financial aspect of your business. 

Businesses with a growing client base can spend hours creating and sending invoices one at a time. Additionally, people make mistakes. If an invoice has an error, you have to spend even more time correcting the issue. 

Those hours add up and your small team needs all hands on deck to continue growing. To save your business time, you need to automate your invoicing process. 

Popular invoicing solutions such as FreshBooks are free and can save your team plenty of time with composing and sharing invoices with clients. 

Automating your invoicing gives you the capability to auto-schedule payments, track overdue invoices, and charge late payment fees.

The results? You get paid quicker, reduce missed payments, and free up your team to spend more time generating profit instead of working on invoices. 

3. Emailing

A daily barrage of emails can be inevitable for many businesses. When your employees have to spend hours sifting through, composing, and responding to emails, it takes away from time they can be spending on their primary responsibilities.  

Moreover, email marketing is an unsung hero when it comes to helping businesses improve cash flow. 

According to a report from the Digital Marketing Association, email marketing is supremely effective, delivering an average 4,300 percent return on investment for businesses in the United States.
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Give your staff the gift of time and boost your sales by using email automation tools such as Constant Contact or HubSpot.

By automating your emailing with these free services, your team can efficiently optimize their workflow to better respond to relevant messages. Furthermore, they allow you to create and schedule engaging newsletter campaigns with ease to share with your email lists.   

Build Effective Systems with the Help of ActionCOACH RGV

Although small businesses lack the massive budgets and range of resources that are disposable to enterprise-level companies, they can still utilize effective systems to remain competitive. 

By establishing systems to automate daily operations, you can rapidly expand your business with less effort and improve cash flow. 

ActionCOACH RGV certified business coaches are equipped with a wealth of knowledge that can help you smash your business goals and increase your revenue. Contact us today to learn more about business-tools and strategies to help your business succeed!

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