How “Leverage: The Game Of Business” Can Make You a Better Business Owner

Leverage is key for business owners trying to obtain more free personal time, rather than dealing with long hours and little downtime.

By combining cash flow and systems, you’ll be able to build a successful business – a commercial, profitable enterprise – that thrives well without you!

And while it might seem a bit childish, there are many lessons to be learned from board games - especially “Leverage: The Game of Business.”

Purpose of the Game

Brad Sugars, Chairman Founder of ActionCoach and inventor of “Leverage: The Game of Business,” stated that the idea is to help people learn and understand what it takes to build a business that allows owners to relax a bit without running themselves too thin.

Each part of the game is designed to help you learn different strategies to run your business. The game is meant to be played with employees and other business owners to gain the most.

“Leverage” can teach invaluable business lessons, including:

  • How to assess the difference between a business that is set to succeed and one that is destined to fail.
  • How to supercharge a company's growth through sound business strategies.
  • How to apply vital business principles to build and grow your company.
  • How to uncover new opportunities for growth when they appear.
  • And much more!

Another critical component of the game is the four main areas of systemization taught: Delivery and Distribution, Testing and Measuring, Systems and Technology, and People and Education.

It is recommended to have your sales and marketing people play this game as an innovative way to understand entrepreneurial success and how they can contribute on their end.

The Process of the Game

Throughout the game, players move around the board coming up with business decisions that boost the five ways they can raise profits – Lead Generation, Conversion Rates, Number of Transactions, Average Dollar Sale, and Margins.

As the game progresses, participants can see that when they make the right decisions, their businesses start to run without them.

As you delve deeper into the game, you move up the entrepreneurial ladder. You begin as an employee and, within six steps, get to the entrepreneur level. To go up the ladder, you need to be able to comprehend the mindset of money, the characteristics of each level, and what it takes to reach the next one.

And the only way to move up is to be passionate.

In time you can have a better understanding of what's happening with customers from a business perspective.

One primary revelation from those who master the game is that it is groundbreaking in terms of how even the simplest strategies significantly improve your business’ bottom line.

Become A Better Business Owner with “Leverage: The Game of Business.” Only one (out of the many) tools ActionCOACH RGV has to offer.

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