Coaching for a Cause is a way for our business coaches at ActionCOACH RGV to give back to our communities by offering pro-bono coaching hours to local nonprofit organizations across the Valley. The idea is to give back by providing education within our community in order to spread the wealth.

As we donate time and energy to a nonprofit or charitable organization, our coaches pass on knowledge and educate the managers of those groups to help shape them to become better leaders. If service and nonprofit organizations gain more success and are able to serve more in need throughout the community, it increases the level of abundance for everyone.

Coaching for a Cause is completely voluntary, and we want to give nonprofits the opportunity to benefit from the same award-winning systems and strategies that have made many other local businesses in the Rio Grande Valley successful.

About Coaching for a Cause

Coaching for a Cause is a way for ActionCOACH RGV’s Business Coaches to do our part in giving back to the community. By sharing our wisdom as well as the proven methods, processes, and systems, Coaching for a Cause aims to provide pro bono services to local nonprofit organizations across the Valley.

Our vision of “abundance through business re-education” includes those organizations which ensure support, comfort, esteemed life-saving resources, and much needed services with 501c3 designations.

Why We Do This

ActionCOACH RGV is founded on 14 distinct points of culture. Two of these are education and commitment. Those guiding principles motivate our business coaches to look for ways to develop larger, more significant influences in our individual communities.

Nonprofit organizations help meet the needs of under-served groups and ActionCOACH RGV believes that by helping these vital organizations reach more success, the community becomes a better place for every individual. Whether they provide health services, financial support, or fundamental resources, nonprofits generally face the same difficulties that affect other commercial enterprises. ActionCOACH RGV wants to give every organization what they need to achieve their full potential.

How It Works

Our ActionCOACH RGV business coaches offer their time and expertise to local nonprofit organizations on a purely volunteer basis. Our coaches devise the same successful suite of systems and strategies for nonprofits that we would use with our for-profit clients in order to create a more successful, effective organization.

Want to Know More?

Do you represent a nonprofit organization? We want to speak with you! Starting up is easy, just fill out the form and one of our representatives will contact you back shortly.