Are Your Customer Policies Hurting Your Sales?

If your customers are people, then you can’t treat them like robots. Interacting with customers using strict guidelines and impersonal interactions will not lead to increased sales.

If you let your employees “be” people helping other people, then you can expect to increase your cash flow, even when the occasional refund is handed back out.

Remove the Risk of Trying Your Product

In many cases, the only thing that separates your product or service from your competitor’s is how confident you are in guaranteeing your customers will walk away happy.
When prices and quality are similar, your refund policy will make all the difference. By taking away any sense of hassle from your store’s refund policy, you lower the risk a new customer is taking when trying your product.

This lenient approach to allowing product returns and refunds might seem to be inviting abuse, but that is usually not the case. You might sell 100 products before you finally see the 1 that gets returned for any reason.

Most people are honest and need reassurance that their purchasing decision carries little risk. When you do spot the one customer that abuses your trust, you can always refuse their business in the future.

Allow Your Employees to Help Customers

Your employees are the frontline of your business, and their interaction with customers is what sets a person’s opinion of how your business operates. When you force your employees to behave within narrow guidelines and then enforce strict policy rules on your customers, you will ruin your customers’ experience.

If your representatives are continually on script, and never act in a personal manner, your customers will feel like they are a number instead of a person, and will feel taken for granted.
By allowing your representatives to tailor their approach to each customer’s needs, you will grant your employees the flexibility necessary to react to all of the unique circumstances that are bound throughout the day.

Depending on the situation, an employee might recognize a special discount or another perk might close the deal with a customer, or alleviate a hassle your business operations have accidentally caused.

If you let these discounts come in the form of a rebate that you can track back the employee giving them, you’ll be able to review if each employee’s business sense is actually leading to more sales or to lost revenue.

Keeping Loyal Customers is How You Grow Your Business

Often in life, people’s perception of your business will only be as good as their most recent experience. This means that even repeat customers must be continually treated well. The number one reason people stop dealing with a business is because they do not feel cared for, so don’t let your return policies become a source of pain for your customers.

As times change, your customer interactions have the potential to change faster than your policies can. This is another reason your employees must have some freedom to act as they best see fit. Their decisions can be used to create a new best practice in order to handle these changing circumstances.

New policies can only be developed after these initial experiences show which reactions are effective.

Business Success is the Policy

Every aspect of a successful business should be growing, and this includes your employees’ sense of work satisfaction. The customer policies you enforce, and the business culture they create, do more than just determine a bottom-line financial number; they also factor into your employees’ career growth.

When your frontline workers are growing, your business is growing.
Create business policies that make sense for the people you work with and for the customers you serve. When you work with ActionCoach RGV, you’ll have a partner with decades of business experience in The Valley.

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