Introducing ActionCOACH RGV BookCLUB

ActionCOACH RGV is introducing its newest outlet for business owners looking to increase their success: the ActionCOACH RGV BookCLUB. This club is an opportunity for members to network and collaborate with their fellow members and business owners through discussion facilitated by ActionCOACH RGV’s dedicated business consultants. Between meetings, our coaches will also check in to provide guidance to each member regarding their progress.

If you want to get more out of your business and your life, register to join the ActionCOACH RGV BookCLUB today.

More Than Just a Book Club

ActionCOACH RGV BookCLUB is more than a simple book club: it is a group of business owners supporting each other, accompanied by coaching and guidance from business coaches.

Each month, ActionCOACH RGV BookCLUB will meet virtually or in-person to discuss books written by entrepreneurial giants and experts. During these meetings, our business coaches will discuss how each book applies to members’ specific situations and how those situations can be adjusted. This will ensure that each member benefits from the experience and expertise not only from the authors of our chosen reading, but from our coaches and other fellow entrepreneurs as well.

Additionally, the ActionCOACH RGV BookCLUB gives you something that reading alone can’t: feedback. Reading these books on your own isn’t likely to help if you misinterpret or simply miss some important nugget of information. By working together, we can ensure that each member gets the most out of both the reading material, and any changes they make to their business as a result of that reading.

Between each meeting, our business coaches will reach out to BookCLUB members to monitor their progress and give advice on how you can implement what you’ve learned during club meetings.

How BookCLUB Helps Business Owners

ActionCOACH RGV BookCLUB represents an opportunity to improve yourself and your business. Through reading and discussing the books on our agenda, you will be able to hone your skills both as a business owner and as an individual. Our reading choices and planned discussions focus on improving the following areas of your life and business:

  • Business models that increase your free time and financial freedom.
  • Common mistakes and errors to avoid.
  • More economical methods for lead generation.
  • Converting potential leads into loyal customers.
  • Successful sales techniques and methods.
  • The dos and don’ts of recruiting and building your team.
  • New ways of thinking about money and your future as an entrepreneur.
  • Tips and rules for success, both in life and business.
  • Jumpstart your path to becoming a billionaire.

Take Action and Mark Those Calendars Now!

With virtual and in-person events designed around your availability and comfort, you can join us for in-person discussion and refreshments or via Zoom based on your preference.

Our in-person launch will be held on every third Tuesday of the Month from 5 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. Join us at The Patio on Guerra for hors d'oeuvres, cocktails, and some great discussion. For those that will be attending via Zoom, tune in on every third Thursday of the month from 7 a.m. to 8 a.m.

Share business knowledge and content with other business owners and receive our coaches’ guidance for only $149 per month for 12 months for in-person sessions and $119 per month for 12 months for virtual sessions. Keep in mind that December and July will be meeting-free months during which our members can focus on the application of what they’ve learned thus far from our course.

The first book we will discuss is The Long Distance Leader by best-selling authors Wayne Turmel and Kevin Eikenberry, and it will be provided to you with your membership. This initial reading is “the book” on remote leadership, and the insights you gain from it will help you adjust your business to a rapidly changing professional landscape.

Take Action and Maximize Your Business Success With ActionCOACH RGV BookCLUB Today